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Storage Tips

Here are a few tips you may find helpful when preparing to store your belongings:

  1. Be sure to label all boxes and containers.  Doing so will help better organize your belongings.

  2. It is important to fill boxes to capacity to prevent boxes from bulging or collapsing.

  3. Use furniture drawers to store small items.  Wrap them in bubble wrap or paper.

  4. Wrap all glassware and dishes individually in paper to prevent breakage.  Fill air pockets with bubble wrap or packing paper.

  5. Wrap lamp shades separately for better protection.  Packing paper, rather than newspaper should be used.  Newsprint can leave damaging stains.

  6. Stand sofas and mattresses on end to create more usable space.  Remember to cover upholstered furniture and mattresses.

  7. Pack books in small boxes for easier lifting.  Try to limit weight to 30 pounds or less. Lay books flat to protect spines.

  8. Refrigerator/freezers should be dry and drained of all fluids, prior to storage. Appliance doors should be removed or taped shut.

  9. Lawnmowers and other garden equipment should be drained of all fuel to avoid corrosive damage.

  10. Wardrobe boxes provide a good way to store clothing on hangers. Shoes and folded clothing can be stored in the bottom of the wardrobe box.

Do not store combustible materials.  These include such items as propane tanks, cleaning fluids, old paint, gasoline.

Do not store hazardous or toxic materials.  If you have any questions about the safety of storing something, please ask our manager.