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It is our goal to provide superior service at the best possible price. That's why Storage Stop offers a large inventory of top quality supplies to fullfill your packing needs.

Small Box
16 x 12 x 12"

Suitable for:
books, records,
and other small
Medium Box
18 x 18 x 16"

Suitable for small items which require packing material, such as dishes and glasses.
Large Box
24 x 18 x 18"

Suitable for bulkier items and delicate valuables which require packing material
Wardrobe Box
24 x 21 x 46"

Comes with a crossbar so you can hang closet contents in the box without wrinkling your items.
Packing Tape

Sold by the roll
Tape Gun Dispenser

Serrated replacable blade for easy cutting. Pistrol grip handle
Chateau Locks

Heavy Duty Disk Padlock designed for Self Storage.
Bubble Wrap

Clear Plastic Air cushioning bubbles.
Protects glassware and other valuables Biodegradable